The aim of volleyball is to ground the ball on your opponent’s side of the court whilst keeping the ball off the floor on your side. It's simple to explain, but tough to execute, so making a game for youngsters look and feel like a real game can be difficult.

Introducing Volley2s, a new version of the game that is supported by a free-to-download learning resource that helps teachers and coaches to develop volleyball fundamentals by gradually introducing children to a full version of volleyball.

What is Volley2s?

Volley2s is an adapted 2v2 version of volleyball to introduce volleyball to children of all abilities and disabilities between the age of 7 and 11 (KS2).

Volley2s' versatility, accessibility, emphasis on fun, and low equipment and space requirements not only make it an ideal steppingstone for introducing youngsters to volleyball, but an ideal game for introducing children to sport.


Who is the resource for?

This Volley2s Guide to Teaching and Coaching is free-to-download and is aimed at supporting anybody who works with children aged 7-11-years-old, so they could be a coach, teacher, parent helper or young leader.

Where can Volley2s be played?

Volley2s can be played on small courts, regardless of surface. It can also be played inside or outside between same sex or mixed teams, standing or sitting.

How will Volley2s help me to deliver volleyball?

The programme’s detailed development stages have been designed to provide teachers and coaches with step-by-step guidance, ultimately ensuring that players learn sport-specific skills as well as vital problem-solving and social skills.

Volley2s takes children from an easy to play catch and throw game through four developmental stages (Red, Amber, Green, Gold) to play 2v2 volleyball using recognised volleyball shots such as dig, set, spike, serve and block.

New movement and volleyball skills, tactical, problem-solving skills, and social skills are introduced at each stage.

Inside the Volley2s resource you can find chapters on:

  • Help on how to plan a Volley2s session
  • How to play Volley2s – including clear diagrams demonstrating the setup
  • How to make the game accessible to everyone
  • Pointers on managing a session
  • Supportive development activities for each stage
  • Technical cards showing the key points of each skill
  • Advice and tips on how to run a Volley2s Festival

Listen to co-authors Bertrand Olie and Nick Shaffery provide a full lowdown of the programme in the video below - it's ideal for coaches and teachers. Click here to download the presentation slides.


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