Incident Reporting

If an incident occurs in an activity that is covered by VE insurance it is important that you register the incident through this page as a record of the details of what took place at this time.

This includes incidents which have resulted in:

  • An injury to a person (player, coach, volunteer, spectator etc)
  • Medical assistance being provided or an ambulance called
  • A report under Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR, major incidents in the workplace)
  • Damage being caused to property, equipment, vehicles etc
  • Notable events (near misses).

To report an incident, please fill out a form by clicking here.

Why report in this way?

  • It is an official record of what happened, and what action was taken, close to the time when the incident happened, by people who were present.
  • Over time, it will build up year on year insight on the ‘typical’ risks of the sport, which will help to guide the things done to reduce damage to equipment and people.
  • It provides coaches, volunteers and staff with a record for any retrospective liability claims by players/general public, that can be made up to c5 years.
  • It has been recommended by Volleyball England's insurers to have the procedure in place.
  • It allows the reporting of any equipment malfunction / failure, so the community and the manufacturers can be alerted of the risks.  
  • It will provide you with a record of any regional, county, and club-related incidents as part of your organisational risk management.
  • It is effective practice. 


What the report is not...

  • A medical record of injuries or illness, but it does ask the most basic questions so track trends can be tracked.  
  • It is not an insurance claim, but the report can be used by the club/coach/player if they subsequently want to make a claim.