National Junior Competitions

2023-24 Season Review

The 2023/24 season review can be found here.

The 2023/24 infographic can be viewed here.

In 2023/24 there are numerous competitions for all levels of play that are ideal for new or inexperienced teams whilst also creating competitive playing opportunities for the country‚Äôs most talented junior athletes. This has come about from moving from knock-out cup style competitions that could see teams play just one match, into two tiers of Grand Prix-style events that will match teams against similar-level opposition throughout the season.

The 2023/24 season we will see the National Junior Competition expand again with the introduction of a 4th Grand Prix for the U16 & U18 age groups that will enhance, engage and inspire more junior clubs to compete in volleyball. 

Tier 1 this year will include a National Cup Final, Gold Cup, Silver Cup and Bronze Cup.

Tier 2 U15 4v4 format will continue to expand with 5 Grand Prix's and a brand new competition will be introduced in 2024 for the U14 age group. 

The inaugural Junior Grand Prix Series saw 355 teams take part in 2021/22, in 2022/23 this number increased to over a 1000 teams taking part. 

This year promises to be another bumper one.