Register an Event

When planning an event or tournament, Volleyball England advises organisers to take advantage of our Event Licence service which is offered to affiliated clubs, organisations and charities. 

The Volleyball England Event Licence offers organisers support and guidance with running an event and promotion via our event search tool. Events will be promoted at the bottom of the Volleyball England home page. 

What does an Event Licence include?

  • Inclusion in the online Volleyball England event search.
  • The right to use official Volleyball England branding in all promotional materials.
  • Support from the Volleyball England Hub.

How to register your event

To register your event follow these steps:

1) Complete the online form here. We will ask for links to your event information page, Risk Assessment and safeguarding procedures.

2) Once received, we will register your event on the Volleyball England website.

3) Contact for any further guidance or questions related to your event.