England Talent Pathway Calendar 2021-22

IndoorAll Nations Championships  CANCELLED3-4 Sept 2022JM/JW/CB/CGTBC2 days
IndoorSeptember Camp (final selection NEVZA)10 -11 Sept 2022JM/JW/CB/CGNVC2-day camp
PathwayVolleyball Futures Camp24-Sep-2022athletes born 2008/09/10NVC1day camp
PathwayCadet Girls Prep Camp (NEVZA Selected athletes)24-Sep-2022NVC1 day camp

IndoorNovember Camp12-13 Nov 2022JM/JW/CB/CGNVC2-day camp
IndoorDecember Camp17-18 Dec 2022JM/JW/CB/CGNVC2-day camp
IndoorJanuary Camp7-8 Jan 2023JM/JW/CB/CGNVC2-day camp
IndoorFebruary Camp11-12 Feb 2023JM/JW/CB/CGNVC2-day camp
IndoorMarch Camp18-19 March 2023JM/JW/CB/CGNVC2-day camp
IndoorEngland v Scotland (TBC)1-2  April 2023CB/CGTBC
IndoorCornacchia Cup  (TBC)6 - 10 April 2023JM/JW/CGItaly
IndoorApril Camp for athletes not going to Cornacchia9 - 10 April 2023JM/JW/CGNVC2 day camp
IndoorApril Camp (TBC)7- 10 April 2023CBNVC4-day camp
PathwayVolleyball Futures Camp7 and 8 April 2023athletes born 2009/10/11NVC1-day camps
IndoorCamp (TBC)28 April - 3 JuneCBCREPS France6-day camp
PathwayVolleyball Futures Camp20-May-2023athletes born 2009/10/11NVC1-day camp

last updated 25th July 2022