About Us

Volleyball England is the recognised National Governing Body for volleyball, beach volleyball and sitting volleyball in England and is responsible for the delivery, development and promotion of the three disciplines.

It was founded in 1972 as the English Volleyball Association, replacing the Amateur Volleyball Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which itself was established in 1955.

We run the National Volleyball League, the top volleyball competition in England for clubs, support England national team athletes to compete internationally, and grow and develop the game by working closely with our network of clubs. We also organise national sitting volleyball competitions. UKBT is a national partner for beach volleyball competitions in England.

Our Purpose

At Volleyball England, our purpose is to lead the growth and improvement of all disciplines of volleyball in England.

Our Vision

As a National Governing Body, our vision is to create a deep-rooted sense of belonging for everyone within the volleyball community.

Our Guiding Principles

Our people, diversity and inclusion will be at the heart of everything we do, influencing every decision we make and the way we conduct ourselves.
We will act decisively and transparently, having listened to our customers and stakeholders and made best use of all the evidence and insights available to us.
We will embrace a culture of continuous improvement, constructively challenging the status quo at all times.
As a modern and progressive organisation, we will look to incorporate new ideas and technology into everything we do.
We will operate on a commercially sustainable basis, delivering financially viable products and services. We will spend our time and money wisely, investing in quality over quantity.

Underpinning all of this, we have our five values:

Connected: We will work to bring together all aspects of volleyball in this country, creating a single, connected volleyball community, able to communicate, collaborate and innovate effectively.
Innovative: We will foster a culture of innovation across the entire volleyball community, encouraging people to innovate and take measured risks to improve every aspect of our sport.
Inclusive: We will actively seek out the broadest range of views and experiences, listen to those who understand why there are barriers to participation and work with them to develop our sport as one which provides opportunities for all.
Respectful: We will treat every member of the volleyball community with the respect they deserve, encouraging others to do likewise, both on the court and off.
Open: We will be honest and transparent in everything we do, accountable for our actions and open about the rationale for our decision-making.