Assistant Coach Award

The Assistant Coach Award is the first formal step on Volleyball England’s Coach Education Pathway. 

This generic award includes the disciplines of indoor, beach and sitting volleyball. The course introduces the learner to the Volleyball Fundamentals that underpin the development of dig, volley, block, serve, and spike, and the Volleyball England game-based approach to coaching.  The course will qualify the successful learners to assist more qualified coaches delivering aspects of coaching sessions working in the following environments with senior beginner/social/club players in local leagues. 

What will I learn?

The Assistant Coach Award will aim to develop coaches’ understanding of/or ability to:

  • Develop the assistant coach’s understanding of their role and responsibilities
  • Demonstrate safe, fair and ethical practice at all times
  • Connect and engage with players
  • Develop key coaching skills
  • Coach the dig, volley, block, serve, and spike
  • Apply the Volleyball England Fundamentals Framework and Game-based approach
  • Prepare, deliver and review a coaching session
  • Develop reflective practice 

What does the Assistant Coach Award allow me to do?

The Volleyball England Assistant Coach Award allows a coach to lead and deliver (pre-planned) sessions or plan basic sessions on their own (reviewed by higher level coach) in a range of club environments (without the need to be directly supervised). However if the Assistant Coach, is under 18 years of age, they must be directly supervised by a higher level coach.

What are the pre-requisites for entry onto the course?

Learners are required to:

  • Be at least 16 years of age on the first day of the course
  • Be able to communicate effectively in English, including; listening, speaking, reading and writing

Course duration

This is an 8-week blended learning course where learners attend two virtual classroom sessions, a one day face-to-face practical session and study online at their own pace.  

Session  1:  Introductory Webinar (60 mins)  

Session 2:  Complete the UK Coaching eLearning module Assistant Coach Digital Badge (120 - 240 mins  mins) and independent study (60 mins) 

Session 3:   Virtual classroom delivery by a course tutor, exploring the role of an Assistant Coach and volleyball specific content (90 mins)  

Session 4:   1-day practical session facilitated by a Volleyball England Tutor that will bring  the virtual classroom content to life and includes practical coaching tasks 

Session 5: Complete a Personal Development Plan (30 mins) 

Courses fees

£160 per learner (including all course reference material, one years subscription to UKCoaching and a Volleyball England coach registration until the end of the season).

There are a number areas in the country that can access funding to cover course fees. The subsidy can range from small contributions to the full 100%. Visit UK Coaching to find the latest coach education funding opportunities in your area.

The course must be completed in Session order.  The Virtual Classroom Sessions 1 and 3 must be completed before you can attend Session 4, the practical day. If you miss attending any of the Virtual Classroom sessions or Practical Day, you will have to transfer onto another course to complete the Assistant Coach Award.  This will incur an administration fee of £35. If you need to transfer courses; you have 12 months complete the Assistant Coach Award from the start date of your original course.

Please note the virtual classroom sessions are not recorded or offered on demand.

What resource will I receive?

Learners receive a: 

  • Resource Pack containing Technical Skills Cards, Technical Development Cards, Warm Up Ideas, Game Activities, session planning and risk assessment templates. 
  • Learner Workbook with a series of 7 tasks to be completed during the course. 
  • A 12-month UK Coaching subscription accessed anytime and from all devices on the UK Coaching website.  The website offers a wide range of content that has been designed to improve coaching, produced by world class experts. Coaches can explore learning and information such as articles, tips, guides, webinars, podcasts, elearning and infographics. 
  • Free coach membership for the first season with Volleyball England 

What do I need for the course?

  • Access to a laptop/tablet, good WiFi and microphone to participate in virtual classroom sessions
  • Appropriate clothing for the practical session
  • A pen and notebook or similiar notetaking technology- you will need to complete sections of your Learner Workbook throughout the course and take notes when required
  • Food and refreshments for the practical session

How can I book onto a course?

A national list of courses is available on the Volleyball England Course Finder.

For further information please contact the Volleyball England Hub via email or call 01509 974 700.