Please find some helpful safeguarding FAQ'S. 

Can we do a single annual medical / photo parent / guardian consent form to cover all our club training sessions and home events (such as junior GPs) or should we do separate consent forms for each specific event?

Yes, one form is sufficient as long as the environment is the same, i.e. if its for all training and domestic matches. However if you decided to travel and stay overnight you would design an additional form to include extra requirements that might be necessary to know.

How long do we need to retain the paper copies for after an event and where should we store them?

Volleyball England have a Data Retention Policy which outlines that member records should be held on to for 6 years. We would advise that you make the records electronic to prevent storage requirements. It will also assist sharing the data when proportionate.

Can we do an annual single consent form to cover "participation in a team" for a full season, we have some juniors (U18s) who play in senior teams?

You may want to differentiate the form for junior playing in adult teams so that the parent / guardian is clear on what they are consenting or you could have an additional question in your single generic form to include this.

What is best practice to cover individual trips to matches with adults driving?

The CPSU have a good guidance document to follow on transporting young people.

What is best practice to cover overnight events (such as an outdoor volleyball tournament)?

Yes I would request additional consent from the parent / guardian for over-night stays. As each case is different i.e., some events may include camping while others include a hotel. The CPSU have a good guidance document about this. The information can be found on page 75 on wards.

We have juniors (U18s) with parents in the club, should we still get them to complete consent forms?

Yes you are best to keep the same process for all.

We don't have a safeguarding policy in place, do you have a template?

The CPSU have a safeguarding policy template which you can download from the Club Hub.