20 Oct 2022

England Juniors head to Lapland for U19 NEVZA Championship

England Juniors head to Lapland for U19 NEVZA Championship

The England Junior Women and Junior Men will compete at the U19 NEVZA Championships.

Christmas has come early for the teams as they travel to Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland, for the tournament between 28th – 30th October. They will play in Santasport, a centre for well-being, sports and education with a second competition hall at Keltakankaan Liikuntahalli.

The squads will play against teams from Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Junior Women 

Will play in Pool 2 alongside Sweden, Denmark and The Faroe Islands. 


  • Abi Ketley 
  • Nina Erminio 
  • Tara King 
  • Mischa Jankowska 
  • Isobel Watson 
  • Heidi Sheridan 
  • Mia Bradbury 
  • Katie Anderson 
  • Daisy Boardman 
  • Ena Kovacevic 
  • Harriett Philp-Edwards 
  • Alice Jagielska 

Coaches: Alex Smith and Rachel Hutt 

Junior Men  

Will play in Pool 2 alongside Finland and Sweden. 


  • Peter Soczewka 
  • Jacob Thomas  
  • Mateusz Bobkowski 
  • Nathan Hall 
  • Oliver Tuck 
  • Nathaniel Williams 
  • Asher Miller 
  • Jake Sanders 
  • Hassan Farhat 
  • Joe Kobylarz 
  • Ben Butler 
  • Jamie Neale 

Head Coach: Sam Bragg 

Assistant Coach: Philip Crawford 

Fixtures and live streams 

Please visit the Arctic Volley website for a list of each team’s fixtures. All matches will also be livestreamed. Please note those streams will be behind a paywall. 

Updates from the tournaments will also be posted on the officials NEVZA U19 Facebook and Instagram pages.