11 Jun 2024

Buddle Club Health Check Tool

Buddle Club Health Check Tool

With a large number of clubs hosting their annual general meetings (AGM) Buddle offers a club Health Check Tool which helps clubs identify five key areas.

  • Getting organised ( Governing and leading your organisation)  
  • Safety, welfare and wellbeing 
  • Money matters (income, spending and funding) 
  • Getting help from people (working with volunteers and the professional workforce) 
  • Facilities and spaces (finding, using and developing suitable facilities and spaces) 

 Clubs are invited to complete their Buddle Health Check to analyse their club's current position and areas which can be developed.  

 The Health Check Tool can be found here.  

Reviewing responses from the Club Survey, Volleyball England have identified common themes with financial planning high on clubs' priorities.  

Volleyball England’s partnership with Buddle (formerly Club Matters) offers a range of tools and support to help clubs with their finances.  Managing your money is an essential part of good club management and is vital to running a sustainable sports club and Buddle provide guidance on hardship funds, emergency financial planning, and sponsorship opportunities which offer affiliated clubs support ahead to the 2024/25 season.   

As part of this Volleyball England and Buddle are working towards organising more bespoke online workshops throughout the new season which will be announced in due course.  

  • Volleyball England’s Club Hub is also available to all affiliated clubs. It offers a range of support, documents and guidance to help develop clubs and support those who want to push the sport further.