Scorers & Line Judges

Being a Scorer or Line Judge is stimulating and challenging, whilst being yet another great way to stay involved in the sport that you love. 

Both roles play an important part of volleyball - the dedication and meticulous ways of these technical officials ensure the successful running of matches.

Scorer Award

The Scorer Award is an advanced version of the scoring module currently offered within the Grade 4 referee award covering more detailed instruction on scoring rules and how to complete a score sheet.  The course is delivered over 4 hours and candidates qualify as National League Scorers following the course.

The course comprises of a classroom session with a simulated practical test. Applicants require some basic prior knowledge of the sport.

Line Judge Accreditation

The Line Judge Accreditation Award is a practical one-hour course followed by an assessment at National League matches. Applicants require some basic prior knowledge of the sport.

To be able to make calm, yet quick and firm decisions in a match setting, being no easy feat, is a skill that you will acquire through the Line Judge Accreditation Award. A line judge plays an invaluable role in delivering a world-class experience for players and spectators alike, whilst being able to get a unique view of the match in action.