Rules and Information

Players' Handbook

  • Full rules and information about the Volleyball England Beach Tour can be found in the Players' Handbook

Player Ratings

  • The Player Ratings are designed to rate individual players according to their ability. This is the primary basis for seeding in tournaments.
  • Player Ratings are earned according to final placement in tournaments and remain valid for a player for 12 months. When this period of time has lapsed, the player’s rating will become the next highest rating that he or she has earned in the latest 12 months.
  • If a player does not compete during the 12 month rating period, the player will be downgraded to the next lower Player Rating level.
  • Player Ratings will be awarded according to the Player Ratings Schedule.

Ranking Points

  • The Ranking Points are intended to support an overall ranking of beach volleyball players in England. 
  • Ranking Points can be earned at all VEBT tournaments, certain VE licensed beach volleyball tournaments (pending provision of results to VE), and FIVB World Tour tournaments.
  • Please forward any results from VE licensed beach volleyball tournaments to if you wish for them to be considered towards your nnational ranking points.
  • Ranking Points will be awarded according to the Ranking Points Schedule.
  • All teams / individuals eliminated at the same point in the tournament will be allocated the same points. For example, in a double elimination draw 7th & 8th are eliminated together so both teams will be allocated the points for 7th place.
  • The Ranking Points shall be applied against two ranking lists:
    i)  VEBT Champions Race
    ii) Volleyball England National Rankings


  Name Size (MB) Updated
VEBT 2016 Regulations VEBT 2016 Regulations 0.30 05/04/2016
VEBT Key Information Summary VEBT Key Information Summary 0.23 05/04/2016

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